“Sherlock” At Comic-Con But No Freeman Or Cumberbatch

Panels, San Diego Comic Con '13

EW is reporting that “Sherlock” will indeed have a Comic-Con panel but fans might be disappointed. EW has said that the stars of the show, Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch, will not be on the panel.

The panel will include Steven Moffat (co-creator, executive producer and writer), Mark Gatiss (co-creator, executive producer and writer) and Sue Vertue (producer). We’re told the actors will not be attending, but there will be “surprises.” A Sherlock-loving EW writer named Hibberd will moderate. The panel’s exact day and time will be released by Comic-Con tomorrow.

If I had to guess, I’d say the “surprises” might be a recording of some sort featuring the stars. I mean, you can’t have a panel for a show and not have something featuring the faces of it. If you’re a fan, are you still planning on lining up for the panel? Or is this now something you could possible skip?


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