Booth Alert!: Loop and Hoodie #2103/2105

Comics, San Diego Comic Con '13
Writer and co-creator of the web-comic Loop & Hoodie, Adron Buske, is inviting you to stop by booth #2103 and #2105 during Comic-Com.
Adron will be sharing space with  Pat Loika, of the Loikamania podcast  and artist Justin Peterson. In addition to promoting Loop & Hoodie, Adron will also be debuting a new indie series called Good Intentions with artist Gene Kelly. 

Good Intentions doesn’t have a web site yet but Adron provided this premise:

Consider the classic fantasy trope – a wizened stranger enlists an eager group of adventurers for a QUEST: discover magical talismans, conquer enemies of the realm, collect the spoils. We know the story, the birth of heroes, their valor and glory. But what of those brave souls who ventured into the night only to find those legendary tales won’t be about them? This is their story…
Adron is no stranger to SDCC, but this is his first time as an exhibitor, so let’s all drop by and give him some support!
Loop &  Hoodie by Adron Buske

Good Intentions  – Art by Gene Kelly

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