You Can Now Pre-Order Your Comic-Con Shirt!

San Diego Comic Con '13

If you’ve always wanted a Comic-Con shirt but never wanted to stand in line, this news is for you. You can now pre-order a shirt!

The Official Comic-Con International 2013 T-shirts are now available for advance purchase! If you’ve attended previous Comic-Cons and were too busy, distracted, or forgot to pick up an extra shirt for family and friends—or discovered the one you wanted was SOLD OUT—this is the perfect solution! Remember: These are the only OFFICIAL Comic-Con International T-shirts! This pre-order sale ends on Thursday, July 11 at 5:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

There are four different designs available.

I’d probably stick with classic logo shirt myself. Here’s more information on what you need to bring and the hours for pick up.

AND REMEMBER THERE IS NO SHIPPING OF THE SHIRTS. You MUST be attending in order to take part in this pre-order!

Pick-up for pre-purchased shirts will be in the Santa Rosa Room at the Marriott Marquis Hotel.

The Marriott Marquis is located adjacent to the Hall A side of the San Diego Convention Center. The Santa Rosa Room is located on the walkway between the Convention Center and the Marriott Marquis Hotel’s South Tower, next to the escalator to the lobby. Come out of the Convention Center at Hall A and turn LEFT.
Pick-up hours are the same as Comic-Con Exhibit Hall hours:

Wednesday, July 17: 3:00 PM–9:00 PM OPEN EARLY ON PREVIEW NIGHT!
Thursday, July 18: 9:30 AM–7:00 PM
Friday, July 19: 9:30 AM–7:00 PM
Saturday, July 20: 9:30 AM–7:00 PM
Sunday, July 21*: 9:30 AM–3:00 PM

The shirt style and size you ordered will be reserved for you, so you don’t need to wait in line prior to the opening of the show. Please enjoy Comic-Con 2013 and pick up your guaranteed shirt at your convenience.

You will need your receipt, along with your driver’s license or another form of legitimate photo ID to pick up your shirt(s).

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