Contribute to Wikia and Get VIP Perks at SDCC

San Diego Comic Con '13


Returning once again to San Diego in full force, the team behind information website Wikia are offering their contributors who happen to find themselves at Comic-Con a little something special. On top of their annual party they are also planning on trying to secure Hall H passes, Internet service, and even celebrity meet and greets for members! It doesn’t matter which community you contribute to as long as you are an active member, so by all means if you are an expert on anything be sure to help others out and put it out there.

To get in on the action all you have to do is be an active member and fill out a roll call form located HERE, with the official text below for this year’s initiative calling on all members.

Are You Going to San Diego Comic-Con?

Yes, siree. We’re in the thick of it now! For those of us living in the pop culture world, we’re smack dab in the middle of our busiest time – convention season! It started with WonderCon in March, shifted to C2E2 (the Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo) in April, continued with E3 in mid-June, and now we’re coming up on perhaps the granddaddy of all shows… Comic-Con International: San Diego. And the big question on everyone’s mind is: Who’s going to be there?
While it’s easy to take that quandary into the celebrity realm (i.e. Will Joss Whedon, Robert Downey Jr., Vin Diesel, etc. be roaming the hallowed halls of geekdom?), I’m more concerned about whom among my fellow Wikians will be in attendance. Last year saw a rag-tag group of fans representing a number of Wikia communities fanned out across the expanse that is the San Diego Convention Center and neighboring area. I met folks from the Marvel Database, DC Database, The Twilight Saga community, Dexterama, The Walking Dead community, Chuck community… the list goes on and on.

And knowing in advance who was attending allowed me to use my clout (or what little of it I actually have) to secure VIP perks like Hall H passes (no need to stand in that seemingly endless line for your favorite panel), nighttime event/party tickets, celebrity meet ‘n’ greets, much-needed Internet access, and more for anyone hailing from Wikia!

I’d love to help out in that way again this year, so my question to you is: Are you going to San Diego Comic-Con? If so, please fill out the brief form below (it’s literally six fields). Once I’ve compiled the list of attending Wikians, I’ll reach out to everyone via email (the only thing your email address will be used for is Comic-Con outreach) with the various “happenings” and “goings on” down at the show. I’ll also see what kind of perks I can unlock for each of you to help make this year’s Comic-Con experience your best.

Last year we had attended their party at 207 in the Hard Rock and it was a whole lot of fun! They had a photobooth with all sorts of geek-related props and the end result on my end was a very hilarious photograph that currently sits framed on my entertainment stand.

For more information please be sure to follow their twitter feed and stay tuned here.

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