Hold Onto That Badge After Comic-Con!

San Diego Comic Con, San Diego Comic Con '13

The Toucan Blog has been throwing some great advice out there lately to get everyone prepared for Comic-Con this year. This advice though is important to pay attention to for NEXT years Comic-Con.

“Getting a Comic-Con badge is no easy task. HANG ON TO YOUR BADGE! (Yes, we’re shouting at you.) Not only do you need it to get in the door each day at the Convention Center, you also need it to access our events at our satellite areas, at the Hilton Bayfront, the Marriott Marquis, the Manchester Grand Hyatt, and some other offsite areas. Your badge also contains your personal information in the barcode on the front. You will also need your badge if you are eligible to participate in Comic-Con 2014 online preregistration, so keep it AFTER Comic-Con, too! Do NOT give your badge to anyone—friend, family-member, or total stranger—at any time. (PS: Take your badge with you when you go out to eat, too! Area restaurants will be offering special deals for Comic-Con attendees!)”

Honestly I’ve never thrown away or given away a badge before. I’m pretty sure I have all my convention badges, including those from C2E2 and NYCC. I wonder what’s different about the badges though this year where you’ll need it for next? It sounds like it won’t be enough to just have had a Member ID or to have even just purchased a registration for this year. This could help cut down on those who purchased badges this year with no intent of attending. Yes, people have been doing this. Why? To make sure they’re eligible for the pre-reg.

I guess we’ll learn more once everyone picks up there badges!


  • Very interesting and I’m REALLY glad that they/you shared this information with everyone.
    I would have kept mine anyway (souvenir) but now I’ll be sure to lock that up as a valuable, right next to my copy of Action Comics #1 (that last part might have been fabricated).

  • I would never throw it away out of sentimental sake, especially since last year was my first year. Got both that and the Walking Dead Escape one form last year currently framed. If I’m lucky enough to go again, I will undoubtedly keep that framed as well

  • Interesting; this is also a pretty good way to avoid people re-selling badges after they’re done with them (for example, if someone saw everything they wanted Wed-Fri & then sold their badge to someone Friday afternoon).

  • Very interesting. Well, if there are a lot of people not attending but not returning badges, does that mean the lines won’t be as bad? I doubt it, but you can’t blame a girl for hoping. 😉

  • plus your name, address, phone number and email is connected to the bar code on the badge. anyone with your badge could get all this info easily.

  • So no info has been sent yet?? I wasn’t aware that when I created my account I mark that I didn’t want to receive information from Comic Con, just notice today, thanks for sharing this information.

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