Procedure for Attendees with Mobility Issues Obtaining Autographs

San Diego Comic Con '13

While looking around the CCI website, and by looking I mean stalking, I came across this important information. If you’re someone with a mobility issue or attending with someone who does, give it a look!

Procedure for Attendees with Mobility Issues Obtaining Autographs or Participating in Any Ticket Drawing in the Autograph Area

This procedure may be used by any Attendee with mobility issues who has registered at the Disabled Services Department and wishes to obtain autographs from talent appearing in the Autograph Area in the Sails Pavilion or participate in any ticket drawing in the Autograph Area.

If there is a line to obtain an autograph or a line to pull a ticket to gain entrance into an autograph line or exclusive line in the Autograph Area in the Sails Pavilion and you have mobility issues and have been designated as such by the Disabled Services Department, Comic-Con will provide someone to stand in your place.

• You must arrive prior to the scheduled autograph time or drawing time and check in at the Autograph Area Disabled Line Access Check-In with the proper credential from the Disabled Services Department.

• When you check in, your name will be placed on a list and a volunteer will be assigned to stand in your place in the line you have chosen. The assigned volunteer will go to the end of the chosen line and proceed through the line with the rest of the Attendees.

• You and your assigned volunteer will discuss the best course of action (for example, you will wait near the front of the line and when the volunteer has reached the front, you will trade places with the volunteer and obtain the autograph or pull the ticket or, perhaps, you may choose to have the volunteer pull a ticket from the bag and meet you in a designated location).

• If there is more than one autograph or drawing you wish to participate in simultaneously, you may have the assigned volunteer do one after the other, but you may not have two volunteers assigned.

• When the assigned volunteer has completed the task, the volunteer will return to the Autograph Area Disabled Line Access Check-In and check back in.

If you do not check in and request a volunteer to stand in your place, it is expected that you will wait in any autograph area line with all other Attendees.

During Autograph Area sessions, Attendees with credentials from Disabled Services Department will not be ushered from the side of the autograph area table to the front of the line unless they have followed the above procedure and they are taking the place of their assigned volunteer in the line.

You can see it all here.

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