Join Kick-Ass at Comic-Con

San Diego Comic Con '13

Are you Justice Forever material? Since Jim Carrey has left the group a position has opened and Universal would like YOU to be a candidate for that slot.

Promoting the sequel to the cult-hit comic book by Mark Millar turned movie, Kick-Ass himself has hit the net calling out anyone who wants to man-up and take down the Motherfucker and his band of criminals!

We Are Justice Forever is a social media game where challenges, tweets and accepted invites earn you points that could lead you to win swag, cashmere and even a trip to Comic-Con where you can also get into the Kick-Ass 2 party (I wonder if you can just win passes to the party).

To join up visit and be sure to follow @kickassthemovie for updates.

Kick-Ass 2 is set to hit theaters this summer on August 16th.

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