How To Be Awesome In The Hall H Line

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Ah, Hall H. It’s become it’s own mini-convention over the years. We’ve all said at one point in time that we would never camp out overnight for a panel. Then Doctor Who happened. Or Avengers happened. Something happened that changed your mind. That made you re-evaluate your life choices. This will be my first year camping out for Hall H but it’s not my first time camping. That’s right, I’ve slept in a tent in the woods. In my opinion a lot of the “rules” of normal camping can apply to San Diego Comic-Con.

Outside Hall H

1. Don’t Leave Your Footprint:
What do I mean by this? When you leave the line, there should be no trace of you. If you brought food with you, that trash should be in the proper place. If you brought some chairs and other items, even those you don’t plan on taking home, they should be taken back to your room. “But my spot in line!” you cry! Take it easy Tiger, simply ask those around you to hold it. Even offer to reciprocate the favor. Just don’t want until it’s almost 9AM. A blanket or towel is easy enough to put in your bag and all you need for the final few hours.

2. Respect Your Neighbors
Yes, I know you’re outside but after a certain hour you should try to keep it down a bit. There’s no need for complete silence but those around you might be trying to get a few hours of shut eye. I’d say anytime after 11PM is a good time to take the noise down a notch. Plus remember to just be nice to those around you. Obviously if you’re all camped out that late/early, you’re all huge fans of something.

3. Be Prepared
Something that ties in to #2, if you know you plan on sleeping in line maybe bring some ear plugs. Make sure you have a blanket of some sort, maybe throw a hoodie on in case it gets chilly. Be sure to have something to keep you busy. Maybe it’s your Kindle. Maybe it’s a deck of Cards Against Humanity. If you do have electronics, make sure you have an external charger of some sort. You’ll probably want to have a flashlight too for when you’re wandering over to a bathroom.

4. Be On The Same Page
If you’re planning to be part of a group, make sure everyone is on the same page. Do you expect people to spend X amount of hours in line? What time are you lining up? Is one person bringing snacks? Someone else water? It might seem like a minor detail but this isn’t something you want to worry about the day of. Be sure everyone is aware of the plan in advance. Make sure everyone has each others contact info as well in case plans change! It might even be a good idea to download an app like GroupMe or WhatsApp. These are apps where you can start little chatrooms. They’re great for planning trips or to just touch base with someone.

5. If You’re Solo Be Social
Not everyone is part of a group or even came to SDCC with someone. If you’re waiting in the Hall H line (or any line really) without a buddy, chat up those around you! This will come in handy when you need to jump out of line to use the bathroom or run back to your room. You don’t need to become life long friends but you never know, that just might happen!

In the end, this is all about having fun and maybe marking something off your bucket list. Just remember to use common sense, be courteous to those around you, and don’t be “that guy.” If you want more info on Hall H check out this post by Michael.

Happy camping!

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