Info On Star Trek Enterprise D Bridge Restoration Comic-Con Plans

San Diego Comic Con '13

The people behind the Star Trek Enterprise D Bridge Restoration have released more information about their Comic-Con plans on their Facebook page. They’ll have a panel and a booth set up during the convention. They scored a pretty great location for their booth!

For San Diego Comic Con July 17-21, booth 3921, we just discovered where they placed us.

To our left, right, behind and across from us are:

ADULT SWIM, NICKELODEON, KONAMI, LEGENDARY ENTERTAINMENT, SQUARE ENIX and WETA (Peter Jackson’s Company) We are so grateful and astonished!

It sounds like you won’t be able to miss them if you’re walking around the floor. They plan to have their Captain’s Chair, Riker and Troi’s Chairs and Computers for fans to sit on and take photos! A panel will take place Saturday the 20th 5:30-6:30. Those on the panel include David Gerrold, Doug Drexler, Larry Nemecek and a few special guests.

If you want to stay in the loop be sure to check them out on Facebook!

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