How To Get Into The King Of Con Party During Comic-Con

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If there’s one party that’s always talked about after San Diego Comic-Con, it’s King of Con. The event is thrown by Umberto Gonzalez (better known as @elmayimbe), Daniel Alter, and Edward Kaen. It’s an invite only event that’s drawn celebrities like Jon Favreau who served as DJ one year! You can read about it here and here. If you’ve always wanted to go but never had the chance, now you do. It was announced that Latino-Review is producing their own movie, Breakneck. Here’s a little info about the movie:

Breakneck is a micro budget chase thriller action film about a New York City Bodega Clerk who must go on the run from both the cops and a Private Military Contractor for murders he didn’t commit. Trapped in uptown Manhattan, our hero has to stay a step ahead of his pursuers and stay alive long enough to prove his innocence.

Presented by and startup Mayimbe Media, Breakneck is what we call our “Bourne in the barrio” movie. Breakneck will also be the feature directorial debut of writer/director Umberto Gonzalez.

I love a good action movie and I look forward to seeing the project come to light. That’s great I hear you saying but what about the party? If you back the project at $150 not only will you get all the previous perks that are listed in the $100 package like a t-shirt and poster signed by the cast, you’ll get a VIP ticket to King Of Con, which takes place on July 18th. This perk is limited to 100 and as of this posting, five have been sold. I expect as we get closer to Comic-Con though that perk will start going fast. If you’ve ever wanted to attend a “must see” event, this might be your only chance. Plus you’ll get to help make movie magic!

To learn more about the project just go here!

UPDATE: In case you were wondering about a +1

UPDATE 6/24:

Take a look at this save the date!

Kings Of Con Teaser

As you can see the party this year will take place at the Pussycat Dolls House. You can read more about the party on Latino-Review. Don’t forget, if you back the above mentioned project you can earn a spot into this party for you and a friend!

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