Tony Stark And Deadpool Funko POP Comic-Con Exclusives

Exclusives, San Diego Comic Con '13

Ever since the long, and I mean long, Funko list was released people have been trying to figure out the hints. Well, now you can cross two items off that list. MarvelToyNews has released info on Tony Stark and a Metallic Deadpool!

According to Marvel Toy News, fans and collectors were worried that the Tony Stark POP figure was only going to be available during the Philippine Toycon but everyone can relax. That’s not the case and you’ll be able to get your hands on one, if you’re lucky, during San Diego Comic-Con. If you’re keeping track of which clues to cross off, you can include this one: “19. A Superhero Pop! UNMASKED! – $15.” You’ll notice that right under it this clue “20. A wingman Pop! UNMASKED as well! – $15” which sounds like maybe we’ll be getting an unmasked Rhodey to go along with Tony. How cute would they look sitting on your desk?


The other item mentioned is a Metallic Deadpool POP figure. That’s right. Tony Stark isn’t the only guy in Marvel that has a huge fanbase. There are plenty of various Deadpool POP variants out there and this is another one you can add to your collection. I’m pretty sure I hear our own Melinda squealing in delight over this as I type. Just like all the other figures, this one will cost $15 but be sure to act fast. They’re only making 480 of this guy.


You can pick these two guys up, along with all the others, at the Funko Booth during Comic-Con.

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  • GREAT news, but just the tip of the iceberg from Funko. There are going to be like 40-50 exclusives and we can’t wait to see what the rest of them will be.
    Please let there be another Sulley exclusive. please. please. please.

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