“Grimm” Is Heading To Comic-Con Again!

Panels, San Diego Comic Con '13

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise. I think out of all the shows that attend Comic-Con, “Grimm” is one that fits in nicely. “Grimm” star Bitsie Tulloch sent this tweet out that riled up the masses:

What did we do before Twitter? These days we don’t have to wait for a press release thanks to the way stars interact with fans on social media. Of course there’s no word on when or where yet but once we have the details we’ll pass it along.

It should be noted that last year “Grimm” showed up at NerdHQ too. That means if you didn’t score a badge for whatever day their official panel is, you might still have a chance to meet the cast and attend a panel. This is just going off last year, so keep in mind NerdHQ plans might be different this time around.

How excited are you about this news?

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