Gentle Giant Announces San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives

Exclusives, San Diego Comic Con '13

Gentle Giant has announced a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive and it’s pretty awesome. It’s a Honey Trap Whisper Variant Statue inspired by Claudines Augers character Domino in the bond Film “Thunder Ball” and it’s limited to just 100 pieces. If that’s not exclusive I don’t know what is. It’s $669.00.


That’s not all though. They have a second exclusive, an “Magnitude” An Admiral Ackbar Mini Bust. This item isn’t as limited with 500 pieces available. The price is better though at $175.

“Magnitude” an Admiral Ackbar mini bust, is based on the artwork by Steven Daily. This mini bust stands at 8” tall and comes in a screen printed wooden box with a 4 x 6 limited edition lithograph print by Acme Archives. Limited edition of 500 pieces. Each comes with a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity and bottom stamp.

Who’s opening their wallets for these items? Just FYI, both items are limited to just one per account. You can buy both items, but just one each.

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