Looking for SDCC Clothes? Venture Brothers’ Shirt of the Week Club Is Go!

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If you’re like me then you are always on the look out for tee shirts that are the perfect blend of geeky references and relaxed fits, but are also not overwhelmingly worn by the general public. Most of my daytime wardrobe for a walk through convention floors consists of tees and when the Astrobase Go! guys announced that they are bringing back the Venture Brothers shirt club I just had to jump on.

Kicking off the fifth season (Tonight on Adult Swim), the guys have brought back the shirt club which has not been seen since the end of the third season. For those of you who are unaware of what this club is, basically it is a subscription to a series of shirts, one from each episode of The Venture Brothers. Every episode of the fifth season will feature a certain theme or element that is then transcribed onto that week’s shirt, designed by Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick themselves. Each shirt is a mystery which is then revealed after the episode airs.

You can either buy each shirt separately week to week for $20, or you can be a maniac like me and just purchase the whole set of 9 shirts at a discount for $165, sight unseen, PLUS get a bonus 10th shirt that is only available to subscribers. If you do the week to week thing then you’ll need to act quick as each shirt is made to order and are quickly discontinued, never to be made again. Bootlegs popped up online after the last club ended and thats just not cool being seen in one of those.

Subscriptions to The Venture Brothers Shirt Club will ONLY BE AVAILABLE FROM NOW UNTIL 11:59PM (EST) on JUNE 7th! After that you’ll only be able to buy them one at a time.

For more information in the form of Terms and Conditions please click HERE and to order please click HERE and check out the selections from the previous club’s shirts down below for a general idea of what they look like.

venture-bros-shirt-club-00 venture-bros-shirt-club-01 venture-bros-shirt-club-02 venture-bros-shirt-club-03 venture-bros-shirt-club-04 venture-bros-shirt-club-05 venture-bros-shirt-club-06 venture-bros-shirt-club-07 venture-bros-shirt-club-08 venture-bros-shirt-club-09 venture-bros-shirt-club-10 venture-bros-shirt-club-11 venture-bros-shirt-club-12 venture-bros-shirt-club-13

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