Contribute to Wikia and Get VIP Perks at SDCC

Returning once again to San Diego in full force, the team behind information website Wikia are offering their contributors who happen to find themselves at Comic-Con a little something special. […]

A Look At A Few Funko Exclusives!

Remember that really long list of Funko exclusives? I’m sure you’ve been having nightmares about it. Well hopefully this post will help ease some of those bad dreams. Funko just […]

“You’re Next” Screening At Comic-Con

Shock Till You Drop has announced that the horror movie “You’re Next” will have a screening on Wednesday, July 17th. The screening is at the Reading Cinemas Gaslamp at 9pm […]

Hasbro Transformers Comic-Con Exclusives

Hero Complex has shared some pretty exciting exclusive news. If you’ve been waiting tooth and nail for more Transformers exclusives, your wait is over. There are three different sets/options being […]

Hold Onto That Badge After Comic-Con!

The Toucan Blog has been throwing some great advice out there lately to get everyone prepared for Comic-Con this year. This advice though is important to pay attention to for […]