Get In Line Now: Warner Bros. Confirmed for Hall H

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Well folks, looks like you’ll need to add sleeping bag to your packing list for SDCC this year! San Diego Comic Con Unofficial Blog has confirmed that Warner Bros. Pictures will be present at the largest and most attendee-sought after panel hall on the Saturday of Comic Con… Hall H.

They came big last year with Man of Steel and Pacific Rim, and let’s not forget the behind-the-scenes footage from The Hobbit. So what could they have planned for this year? There is much speculation as to the content of the panel(s) in Hall H, but you can be sure it will be amazing again.

So will it be the second installment in The Hobbit triology? Maybe more Godzilla? Or perhaps more Justice League of America tidbits?

What are you hoping Warner Bros. brings with them to Hall H?

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