Jamie Foxx And The Amazing Spider-Man Sequel Are Heading To Comic-Con

Panels, San Diego Comic Con '13

According to MovieTalk on Yahoo!, Jamie Foxx (and most likely many more cast members) will be heading to San Diego Comic-Con this summer to promote the next Amazing Spider-Man movie.

“Now I’m just waiting to get to Comic-Con and see how people respond to it,” Foxx said, referring to the big event in San Diego from July 17-21. “[Director] Marc Webb is a genius and Amy Pascal and everybody at Sony have just be so gracious to allow me to have this opportunity. So it’s cool.”

If you’ve been hiding under a rock or getting confused with all the casting news out there for various movies, Jamie Foxx is playing Electro in the sequel. It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise since superhero movies pretty much own Comic-Con, especially Hall H. When it comes to Spider-Man, who could forget when Andrew Garfield came out dressed like this:


I expect Jamie to bring some high energy to the panel. He strikes me as someone who could be amazed at the energy and craziness of Hall H and feed off of it. So, are you ready to get in line?

UPDATE 5/29:
Latino Review has info stating that the Spider-Man panel will be on Friday, July 19th and will be part of the Sony Pictures Hall H panel.

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