Using Deal Websites To Save Money During Comic-Con

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Sure, we’ve all been working on various ways to save up money for San Diego. But what about saving money while there? I’m sure most of you know about websites like LivingSocial and Groupon. Did you know they can help you make the most of your trip? You can find deals on everything from tours to food. We all know we’d much rather spend our Con money on art, comics, or exclusives but we have to eat. Seriously, that’s rule #1. Plus many of us turn San Diego into a full blown vacation, coming into town early or staying a few days late. Here are a few tips and things to remember when purchasing a deal.

Expiration Dates
They do exist. Some are more clear cut than others. I’ve seen some that offer dates and others that mention days. There’s a deal right now that mentions it expires 180 days after the purchase. The information is normally easy to find. On Groupon, it’s under the “Fine Print” heading. It’s the same with LivingSocial but it’s a little further down the page.

Black Outs/Exclusions
While some deals might last past Comic-Con, that doesn’t mean it’ll be valid. Some deals might feature Black Out dates. If it’s a deal for a restaurant, it might mention that it’s not valid during Happy Hours or on specials. Let’s face it, during Comic-Con a lot of these places aren’t hurting for business. If you aren’t sure, both deal websites offer ways to ask questions.

Fine Print
Is it a coupon for one person? Can you buy more than one? Is it just one per table? Do you need to make reservations? Is it only valid at one location? What about certain days of the week? This is all information you need to check out before buying.

Will You Use It?
I know I can be an impulse buyer when it comes to the internet. Sometimes that deal pops up and you can’t help but purchase it. Just remember, it’s not really a deal if you end up not using it. If you’re only in town Wednesday-Sunday, then that awesome deal on that kayak tour isn’t really a deal. Instead you ended up wasting money instead of saving.

There are deal websites out there that feature good and products as well. is one I just started using. I actually bought a Vaas battery charger for my phone for just $18. They feature all kinds of items including electronics, clothes, and more. With anything though, make sure you do your research. I made sure to check out some reviews before I made my purchase.

Keep in mind if you run into an issue, you can’t get in touch with the company the deal is for, that in most cases Groupon/LivingSocial will work with you and if needed, get you a refund. I purchased a Groupon for a tour when I went to Hawaii. I tried for days to get in touch with the tour group in order to make the reservation. I never heard from anyone. I wasn’t the only one who had an issue and we received a refund. It was quick and painless.

If you do need to make a reservation, don’t wait until you arrive. If you can, start planning now about which day you’d like to use your deal. This way if you’re told your #1 choice isn’t available you’ll be able to have a backup date already in mind. If you wait until you arrive you might find out you’re out of luck and won’t be able to use your deal. If you’re able to make your reservation don’t forget to follow up before you arrive to make sure everything is OK. You don’t want to think your reservation will get lost but it does happen. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Really, most of the stuff mentioned here is common sense but we all know how crazy it gets when planning for Comic-Con. If you have any tips you’d like to add be sure to leave them in the comments! Happy Deal Hunting!

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