Hot Toys Teases Man of Steel Figures

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High-end luxury action figure manufacturer Hot Toys has released teases for two figures from their upcoming Man of Steel license; 1/6 Scale Superman and Jor-El.

Hot Toys is widely considered THE major player for action figures with super detailed and accurate head sculpts as well as beautifully crafted fabric costumes. While their prices may be on the expesive side to some (about $280 for an Iron Man figure) what you get for your money is well worth it and the pieces often hold their value at the very least once they begin to sell out in conventional retailers.

(EDITOR NOTE: Elegant toys are not a permissible reason when filing bankruptcy)

Hot Toys MOS Javert Hot Toys MOS Superman


Be sure to tell us what you think and stay tuned for the official reveals and pre-order information.

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