The LEGO Star Wars Chronicles of Yoda Continues…

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Back during the 2013 New York Toy Fair LEGO teased us via their Yoda figure that there will be secrets to be revealed, and it looks like that time has finally arrived!!!


Today we at When Nerds Attack received a box out of the blue from LEGO that brought up more questions than answers. The nondescript box contained an elegant, yet subtle, case that only features one phrase; “SECRETS TO REVEAL THERE ARE”

Inside the case is a play kit featuring a chamber of sorts as well as three minifigs from the upcoming television event, as well as an invitation urging us to build the set prior to the premiere May 29th on Cartoon Network!

To celebrate the launch of Yoda’s series LEGO is also holding an event in New York City next Thursday with the world’s largest LEGO model!!! Stay tuned for more information as well as photos from the event!




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