C2E2: Interview With Ashley Eckstein Of Her Universe!

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While attending C2E2 I had the chance to sit down and chat with Ashley Eckstein of HerUniverse. We touched on a few topics like Year of the Fangirl and her plans for San Diego Comic-Con. Ashley is really someone who needs no introduction which means on with the show!

WNA: Any plans for Being Human or Lost Girl merchandise?

pilot-MEDAshley: We don’t have the rights to those shows so unfortunately not. It’s actually with a different company but we do have some new Battlestar Galactica stuff coming out and we do have another major license that will be announced this summer. It’s a big show that’s going to be coming out.

WNA: Will that maybe be announced at San Diego?

Ashley: It’ll actually be out before then in June.

WNA: Do you have any plans for San Diego Comic-Con?

Ashley: We’re working on an event for San Diego Comic-Con right now. Hopefully I should know more very, very soon.

WNA: What’s the reaction been to like Year of the Fangirl?

Ashley: The response has been incredible. With something new like this you don’t know what the response will be. Before I announced it I thought I had lost my mind. But I want to feature a different girl on our website every day of the year. AS if last time I checked we already had over 540 nominations! To me, Year Of The Fangirl was just the start. So I hope to just continue this because we have so many awesome stories that need to be told!

WNA: How’s the response been to Ask Ellen?

Ashley: There’s a new column early next week. We’ve been finding a lot of parents have been writing in which is great. Parents don’t always have the answers that young geek girls need. They don’t always understand. All the questions are 100% from the fans, we just keep it anonymous. I just wanted to find a way to help. I’m asked for advice all the time and I just didn’t feel I was the right expert to give advice and my friend Ellen truly is. She has a great view of things and great demeanor about her. She truly cares and the column is of my favorite things that we’ve done so far..

WNA: With the Disney/LucasFilms deal, will that affect your licensing or products?

Ashley: It’s pretty much business as usual. With any transition there’s change to rules or how things work but I hope to keep making Star Wars products for years to come. Star Wars has a special place in my heart. There’s a whole new Star Wars line in the works.

ashley-eckstein-hr-univese-1WNA: I saw on Twitter you shared some dress.

Ashley: Yes! We have lots of Star Wars dresses and different leggings coming out. The leggings will be at an affordable price point, less than $30 and available through Hot Topic. I’ll probably be wearing a pair this weekend. I love them so much!

WNA: Do you have any new acting roles in the works?

Ashley: Yes! I do the voice of Mia the Blue Bird on “Sophia the First” but I’ve mainly been doing more hosting
which personally I love. I’ll be hosting Disney Star Wars Weekend and I’ll be working with the Nerdist guys this Summer with Chris Hardwick.

WNA: I see you go back and forth on Twitter with Sam Witwer of “Being Human.” Maybe we’ll see you show up there?

Ashley: I don’t know about that but that would be a honor. But to be a vampire on “Being Human” would be pretty awesome!

WNA: Any plans for new items?

Ashley: Yes, we are definitely working on skirts already. We have a brand new exclusive Star Wars necklace that’s coming out for the 30th anniversary of Return Of The Jedi. We only made 1,250 necklaces and they’ll only be sold at Disney Star Wars Weekend, San Diego Comic-Con, and Celebration Germany. You’ll need to be at one of those three places to get it but it’s really cool!

There you have it! Hopefully Her Universe will be able to announce their San Diego Comic-Con plans soon. As soon we know the booth or location for her Star Wars exclusive we’ll pass that information along. It was really great sitting down and talking with Ashley. If you see her out and about at a convention be sure to say “Hi” to her! She might even compliment your boots, or your earrings!

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