Opinion: How About Some Lockers?

San Diego Comic Con


Sidenote: Article was put together by myself and Mario.

I think we could all agree that sometimes dropping things off at your room during the Con always sounds like a great idea, but how many of us actually do it? I’m sure those of you staying in Mission Valley don’t even think about it. That’s why I think it would be pretty interesting if CCI offered lockers during Comic-Con.

There are plenty of large events such as Coachella that have locker rentals available on site. Just by doing a simple search you can see that the Beale St. Music Festival is making use of rental lockers, some that even offer phone charging stations! Now that is something that I think many Comic-Con attendees would have no issue paying for.

How great would it be to have on-site storage, for a price, that you could easily access? Yes, there’s a bag drop but that can get a bit crazy. If they had lockers people could help themselves to come and go as they please. As far as staffing, perhaps just have a handful people to keep an eye on things but as always, they wouldn’t be held responsible if anything went missing. Just like a valet or a locker at a gym. I’d even bet that depending on the company used, they would supply the staff needed. That would be one less thing for CCI to worry about.

But where would they put these lockers? The ideal space would be outside the convention center of course, but any open area outside is starting to get snatched up as quickly as the floor itself. With a little research I found that there is an area that receives plenty of foot traffic and is as long as the convention center itself yet remains mostly untouched; the marina path in the back! Think about it for a moment. It is an open area with a wide walkway that is in the immediate vicinity of the con and also has a number of accessible walkways to go back and forth from.

This idea also comes with its own negatives. The path is often used by joggers and cyclists and I can see them complaining if suddenly thousands of people are hanging out back there taking up room that they’ve enjoyed to themselves over the years. There is also the fear of people crossing through the parking lot back there as a short cut and getting in the way of the trucks and crews back there who help set up the event.

This is just an opinion though but I feel that the positives outweigh the negatives. This is something we feel would be a welcome and much needed addition to help people out who don’t want to carry items all day and also bring some extra money to everyone involved in the land and rental side of it.

What do you think of adding lockers to SDCC?

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