Archaia Info For C2E2


Archaia will be hosting a few panels and will have plenty of guests signing at their booth. Here are the details!

Sunday, April 28, 1:30 – 2:30p.m., Room W471
Archaia Entertainment Presents: Comics Storytelling and the Lost Art of 3D — Join creators with a special perspective on 3D storytelling in comics for an uncensored discussion of the medium’s benefits and drawbacks, as well as a wide-ranging survey of the highs and lows of 60 years of 3D comics, only at C2E2 2013!

Pioneered by a cabal of industrious creators in the early 1950s, anaglyph 3D comics experienced a boom at roughly the same mid-century moment as 3D movies first appeared in cinemas nationwide. 60 years later, 2012 saw the passing of two of the field’s pioneers: comics legend Joe Kubert, one of the format’s credited inventors, and Ray Zone, the famed conversion artist on the most notable 3D comics of the last 30 years.

To pay tribute to these lost giants and celebrate the 2013 release of their ambitious, all-3D graphic novel The Joyners in 3D from Archaia, writer R.J. Ryan (Syndrome) and New York Times best-selling illustrator David Marquez (All-New X-Men, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, Syndrome) have invited a panel of creatives from across comics to dig deep into the medium’s checkered history of using 3D as a storytelling tool. The multimedia presentation will include big-screen glimpses of comics’ most famous—and most forgettable—3D projects, as well as a brief, exclusive sneak peek at Ryan & Marquez’s epic 3D melodrama, The Joyners in 3D. Moderated by Word Balloon podcast host John Siuntres.

Every panel attendee receives a free pair of 3D glasses and a coupon to receive a copy of the 2012 Free Comic Book Day hardcover at the Archaia booth (while supplies last)!

Saturday, April 27, 12:45 pm – 1:45 pm., Room W475b
Joining other science fiction and fantasy authors such as E.B. Hudspeth (The Resurrectionist, Quirk), Jeffrey Brown (Vador and Son, Top Shelf), Brandon Easton (Roboy, Lion Forge), and Rachel Rawlings (The Maurin Kincaide Series), David Petersen and Royden Lepp will talk about their imaginative Sci-Fi and Fantasy graphic novels!

If you’re interested in the signing schedule, here you go!

SIGNING SCHEDULE (Subject to change. Check booth for final times.)
Archaia Booth, #1019

FRIDAY, April 26
12:30-1:30 Chandra Free (Table 1), Jeremy Bastian (Table 3)
12:30-2 Charles Soule (Table 2), Royden Lepp (Table 4)
2-3:30 R.J. Ryan, David Marquez (David until 2 only) (Table 3)
3-4 David Petersen (Table 2)
3-4:30 Andrew E. C. Gaska (Table 4)
4-5 Tom Pinchuk (Table 3)
4:30-5:30 Yehudi Mercado (Table 2)
4:30-6 Royden Lepp (Table 1)
5-6:30 Brent Schoonover (Table 4)
5:30-7 Andrew Rostan (Table 3)
6-7 Charles Soule (Table 2)

SATURDAY, April 27
11-12 Jeremy Bastian (Table 2)
11-12:30 Brent Schoonover (Table 1), R.J. Ryan and David Marquez (David until 12 only) (Table 3), Royden Lepp (Table 4)
12:30-1:30 Yehudi Mercado (Table 2)
1-2:30 Chandra Free (Table 1), Ramón Pérez (Table 3)
1-4 Andrew Rostan (Table 4)
2-3 Charles Soule (Table 2)
3-4 David Petersen (Table 3)
3-4:30 Andrew E. C. Gaska (Table 1)
3:30-5 Royden Lepp (Table 2)
4:30-6 Cory Godbey (Table 3)
5-6:30 Tom Pinchuk (Table 1)
6-7 Charles Soule (Table 2)

SUNDAY, April 28
11-12:30 Andrew Rostan (Table 1), R.J. Ryan and David Marquez (David until 12 only) (Table 2), Charles Soule (Table 3), Chandra Free (Table 4)
1-2:30 Brent Schoonover (Table 2), Andrew E. C. Gaska (Table 3)
3-4 David Petersen (Table 2), Andrew Rostan (Table 3), Yehudi Mercado (Table 4)

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