Some Info On Hasbro Comic-Con Exclusives


TFW2005 shared information about some exclusives that are lined up for San Diego Comic-Con. They weren’t able to share any images due to a contract that Hasbro has with another outlet but here’s what they shared:

SDCC hint – Will be a bigger set, fill a void for many collectors, will have a surprising amount of figures they think the fans will be happy with. Didn’t say it would be Joe/TF, but hinted it will probably carry forward.

They do think we’ll see something in the next two months, most likely through MTV Geek or USA Today. They also mentioned that:

Brian Savage is also on record as having approached Hasbro Toy Shop with a view to offering the GI Joe SDCC 2013 exclusives through the GI Joe club store – we can infer from this the possibility that the Transformers SDCC 2013 exclusives might also be a part of the same deal and potentially offered through the Transformers Club Store.

This will be good news if it happens for those who didn’t make it to Comic-Con this year.

I know it’s not much but once more is announced we’ll be sure to pass it along.

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