The C2E2 Floor Plan Is Live!


Ah man, the excitement is building! C2E2 has released the floor plan! I actually like how interactive the map is, it’s pretty cool. You can easily add booths to your MyShowPlanner as well. It’s not just booths that have info, but Artist Alley as well.

Looking around the map, Marvel has the largest booth. That doesn’t surprise me. Some of the other booths include SuperHeroStuffOnline, Minimates, CapCom & ING, and Dark Horse Comics. Obviously this is just a very small sampling of what you’ll see on the map. There’s a large amount of comic shops listed too which is awesome. I know one of my favorite things about attending a “smaller” show like this is having the time to look through boxes of comics and snagging those deals on Sunday!


What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

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