Heading To C2E2? Here’s What DC Has Planned!


I can’t wait for C2E2. After sitting on the sidelines during WonderCon, I’m itching for my next convention. Luckily C2E2 is at the end of the month and will be here before I know it. As the end of the month gets closer, more and more details are being announced by those attending the show. DC is the latest to announce their plans!

Here’s what’s on deck as far as panels go:

Friday April 26th

1:30-2:30pm DC COMICS 101

New to DC Comics? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Come by for a tutorial on the essentials of what make DC Comics one of the leading comic book publishers!

4:30-5:30pm DC Entertainment – ALL ACCESS

A lot can happen in a year! Come by for unfiltered access to DC Comic Editors as they talk all things DC! Find out what they have to share from behind-the-scenes at your favorite and most talked about comic Publisher! Joining the All-Access party will be some of the industry’s top talents!

Saturday April 27th

12:45-1:45pm DC COMICS – THE NEW 52

DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 is one of the most exciting events in the industry’s history! And we’re not done making news by a long shot! Come by and be a part of history as we discuss what’s coming next in this exciting time for DC Entertainment!

?2:45-3:45pm DC Comics: Superman 101

The Last Son of Krypton is one of the most recognized pop culture icons of all time, and this year, Superman is set to soar to new heights! Come by for a panel on what makes The Man of Steel the hero that he is with the editors and talent that bring him to life!

?4:45-6:45pm Vertigo: A View from the Cutting Edge of Comics

Join the writers and artists behind the acclaimed and award-winning brand for a panel about the weird, the wild and the always unexpected with all-star talent!

Sunday April 28th


What does it take to remake a universe? Immensely talented artists! Join DC Comics artists for a unique peek into their visual approach in shaping DC Comics

If you find yourself looking to catch the bus, keep your eyes peeled for a few featuring the artwork of Jim Lee. When you see one be sure to hop on! DC video highlights will be playing and comic books will be handed out as you enter. Yes, free comic books! It’s like an early Free Comic Book Day! Speaking of comics, you’ll be able find variant covers for ACTION COMICS #19 with art by Tony S. Daniel, BATMAN #17 with art by Greg Capullo, and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #1 with art by David Finch. They’ll be $10 each and available at the Graphitti Designs/DC Boutique at booth #818. We talked about other DC exclusives here.

What are you planning to pick up? Everything? Let us know!

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