Chevron ExtraMile Wants to Send You To Comic-Con 2013!

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Odds are if you are reading this that you are into all of this Comic-Con stuff and therefore know that we (and every other pop culture website under the sun) have previously reported on now hot a ticket the Con is this year, what with tickets once again selling out in record speeds and hotel spots becoming just as hard to book. If you missed out on passes and want to leave your fate in the hands of whatever god your worship then this could be your shot!

The grand prize is a trip for two to San Diego for the annual event (gasp!) but there are also three weekly prizes to be awarded in the form of a $100 Chevron card and $25 Fandango card.

Click here to enter now!

The contest ends on the 21st of April so hurry up and get your entry in now before it is gone! Be sure to leave us some love in the comments below letting us all know that you entered. If you are the winner you will have your pick of people all vying to become your new best friend!

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