Want Some New Art While Attending WonderCon?


This obviously isn’t everyone who’s doing to be in Artist Alley and attending WonderCon but I thought it would be nice to try and put together a little post featuring some of the artists who will be gracing AA. I found most of this via Twitter. I personally don’t know any of these people and have no information on their prices. If you’re interested in a commission from them be sure to contact them directly!

Artist Alley Table AA-043:
Pepe Melan, Semion Sellers, and Tony English.

Artist Alley Table AA-037:
Edgar Delgado//Prices Range $40-$80

Artist Alley Table AA-057 & AA-058:
Joel Gomez & Beth Sotelo

Artist Alley Table AA-032:
Jamie Tyndall

Artist Alley Table AA-035:
Tom Hodges//$10-$60

Artist Alley Table AA-075:
Robert Liefeld//Free Sketches

Artist Alley Table AA-145:
Ashleigh Popplewell

Artist Alley Table AA-172:
Eric Canete, @Pecks13, Cassandra Poulson

This post will be updated as I find more information. If you have someone you want added to the list just leave the info in the comments!

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