WonderCon 3 Day Badges Sell Out!


WonderCon announced today that 3 day badges for the event this weekend have sold out!

3-Day Badges are now sold out, however daily badges are still available.

There are always a certain number of cancelled or refunded badges. As we process the cancellations and refunds, we will make those badges available for sale. If you don’t see the badge type you want, you may want to check back periodically as additional badges may become available.

If you want to attend all weekend though you still have the option of purchasing single day badges. I would probably go with that option instead of sitting around and waiting to see if any 3 day badges are returned. Why take the risk? I think it’s just a saving a $10 you’re missing out on which isn’t huge.

How many of you are attending this weekend? Are you surprised to see 3 day badges sell out?

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