You Want WonderCon Exclusives? We Have WonderCon Exclusives!


I expect as we get even closer for more exclusives to be released but here you go for now! A few of them look awesome! Are you planning to pick any of these items up?


BAIT will release their exclusive Southern Jaguar Knight from Jesse Hernandez and Pobber Toys at WonderCon (3.29 – 3.31). The blue-hued figure looks great and is also GID. BAIT will release 15 a day at their booth (#1173). WonderCon’s heating up!

via VinylPulse


Furry Feline Creatives have prepared the stage for Fury Felines™ MEOW edition to debut at Wondercon 2013 as a con exclusive. Only nine (9) sets are made. All handmade by Cheri Ong, each priced at US$99 and will be available at Furry Feline Creatives booth #1181.

via ToysREvil

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