Hotel Review: Double Tree, Mission Valley

San Diego Comic Con

Here’s another review! This time for a hotel out in Mission Valley! I want to thank Sarah P. for sending this in!

The Double Tree Mission Valley
By: Sarah P.

Last year was our 2nd time to SDCC, and we did not fare as well in the hotel process. After being spoiled downtown in 2011, we got nothing in the hotel lottery in 2012. So about 6 weeks before the con, we booked a room at the Double Tree Mission Valley. We wanted to avoid renting a car, so as long as the hotel was on the shuttle route, we thought we’d be okay. And we were, mostly.

The Good:

The Service:
After hearing and experiencing some bare minimum treatment as Con Geeks at certain places in SD, I’m always a little nervous walking into a business with my geek flag flying. When we checked in, we were greeted with a warm smile and a warmer cookie. And after a 5 and a half hour flight from PA and an hour-long roundabout shuttle ride from the airport, that cookie was heaven. The front desk was extremely helpful all weekend long with schedules and information about the area. And when we were ready to leave, they called us a car service to take us to our next location.

The Amenities
The hotel had a beautiful outdoor pool where they had film screenings, bonfires, and other fun events. The only unfortunate thing was last year the weather was surprising cool so we didn’t get to do much out there.

There was a breakfast buffet available to Con folk. And it was lovely.

The room:
Clean and comfy

The Average:

The shuttle:
Running all con long, it was nice to not have to worry about renting a car or parking.

The Location:
There’s not much around the hotel. Maybe 3 long blocks away there is a big grocery store. About 2 blocks down is a mall of sorts with some restaurants. Nothing like downtown, but it worked in a pinch. There is a train stop right across the street, which we took advantage of, though it wasn’t much more reliable or comfortable than the shuttle. Still, it was nice to have the option.

The Bad:

Room Service:
We ordered room service one night. The food was not good at all. We knew it was pricey, but we were definitely hoping for better than cold soup and sad salad. Maybe because it was the end of the night. After all, breakfast was always phenomenal.

The shuttle:
The Double Tree was the last stop for this particular shuttle, so there were a few times where there was no room left on the bus for everyone at our stop. Sometimes the bus wouldn’t stop at all and we’d have to wait for the next one. This would completely mess with your schedule if you were planning on getting into a good panel. (Note: This, of course, is not the hotel’s fault, but it is something worth considering should you be relying on the shuttle.)


All in all, the hotel as it stands is great. It’s very clean, they offer a lot of activities, and the staff is extremely helpful and patient. While there isn’t much around the hotel, we didn’t have much spare time anyway. The biggest issues come from its distance from the convention center. The long shuttle ride cuts into your schedule. And I know were much more choosy with how much swag we carried, since we’d have to lug it around ALL DAY. Also made it difficult to “freshen up” or change/adjust cosplay. If you were in it, you were committing. Would we do it again? Yes, if we had to.

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