Hot Toys’ Next 1:6 Scale Star Wars Figure Is…

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During a meeting at Pantoy Hot Toys CEO Howard Chen called in to discuss business with the group, then he opened the line for a short Q&A which has produced a few nuggets of information on lines that that fans have been waiting for.

I ran the original text through a Google translation and got the following text but if someone has a better translation please feel free to let us know.

Q: How many figures will Hot Toys launch from Iron Man 3?
A: Hot Toys has in research and development tentatively scheduled to launch about 15 models of dolls.

Q: Plans to launch the armored Whiplash figure?
A: The plan is to launch and a prototype is being produced, but many of the details still need to be worked on.

Q: When will the 1989 Batman film version 1:6 Batmobile launch?
A: The release is delayed until May of this year.

Q: Will the introduction of 1:6 Alien Queen,?
A: The will, in fact, 1:6 Alien Queen. I always want to be able to launch products, but unfortunately, in recent years, are too busy to have time to take into account such a bulky figure and it takes a very delicate product. When we are not busy working on other recent items we will come back to research and development.

Q: Hot Toys Star Wars 1:6 doll series, following last year’s Luke Skywalker which will the next one be?
A: Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars Episode III will launch this year, next year it will launch the original trilogy Han Solo figure. The year after that will launch a version of the prequel Padme Amidala.

Q: will launch the 1:6 ratio Star Wars vehicles such as the X-wing star fighter?
A: Originally the plan, but the size is too large, in terms of production cost and market demand are unrealistic, so we instead plan to launch smaller scaled Star Wars vehicles.

I am very excited for a Revenge of the Sith Anakin Skywalker figure. It will go great with the Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker that Hot Toys has released last year.

Also, what’s the deal with the 15 Iron Man figures? Does Howard mean armors, or all of the figure in total? Does this include the Power Pose items too? So many questions!!

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