DC Collectibles For WonderCon And C2E2!

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MTV Geek has news on some DC Collectible items that you’ll be able to find at WonderCon and C2E2. According to MTV Geek, you’ll find a new 3.75″ PVC Green Lantern two-pack featuring Guy Gardner and Larfleeze. Guy Gardner will come with a baseball and Larfleeze has Glomulus. If you’re looking to pick these up you’ll find them at the Graphitti Designs booth for $30.

What? Green Lantern isn’t your thing? Maybe Batman is more to your liking. You’ll be able to get your hands on Classic Batman and Robin from the DC Nation shorts that you see on Cartoon Network. Batman is 6.375” and and Robin is 9.5″. You’ll be able to find these at the Graphitti Designs booth as well for $40.

Here’s a video from MTV Geek that features these guys!

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