Marvel’s PROJECT GAMMA—The Sound Of Things to Come!


Marvel’s PROJECT GAMMA—The Sound Of Things to Come!

Leading Entertainment Company Introduces Innovative Immersive Audio Comics Experience


New York, NY—March 11th, 2013—The future of digital comics must heard to believed—enter Project Gamma! As announced yesterday at SXSW 2013’s Interactive Expo during the Marvel: House of Ideas panel, Marvel is pushing the barriers of what has been considered a traditional comic with the introduction of Project Gamma – a unique, immersive experience that brings fully adaptive music and sound together with digital comics to create a whole new audio-visual event. An industry first, this exciting innovation will launch later in 2013. Project Gamma is the result of a landmark partnership between Marvel Entertainment, Momentum Worldwide and CORD (A Cutting Edge Company), whose composers & producers have worked on award-winning films such as the Harry Potter series, Looper, Drive and The King’s Speech.

“Last year we pioneered storytelling language and visual experience of digital comics with the introduction of Marvel Infinite Comics. This year we’re innovating again, redefining the digital comics experience by fully utilizing mobile device technology to further enhance the emotional resonance of Marvel’s epic stories through Project Gamma”, said Peter Phillips, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Marvel Digital Media Group. “Working with Momentum Worldwide & CORD, we’ve created an adaptive audio experience that dynamically tailors itself to both the events in the comic and the individual reader’s behavior, from lingering on panels to quickly swiping between pages. Every fan’s reading experience is unique.”

Now Project Gamma joins the next phase of the Marvel ReEvolution, alongside several other landmark initiatives, continuing Marvel’s unwavering commitment to delivering the ultimate fan experience!

“From a creative standpoint, I couldn’t be more excited to evolve comic storytelling with the inclusion of audio that reaffirms Marvel’s unwavering commitment to the growth and innovation of digital comics in the experience we’ve codenamed Project Gamma”, said Axel Alonso, Editor in Chief, Marvel Entertainment. “The inclusion of adaptive audio adds another layer of emotion to the reading experience, drawing fans deeper into the story in way they’ve never experienced before. Most importantly, this doesn’t turn the comic into something else—readers still control the pace of the story and the story is still driven by the words and images that define this medium.”

Since the launch of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited in 2007, the first major digital comics program in industry history, Marvel has been on the forefront of digital comics publishing. After becoming the first major publisher to offer single issue sales in 2009, Marvel has continued to expand its digital comics offerings to numerous platforms, with an unrivaled library of award-winning storytelling. Marvel also became the first comics company to offer free digital copies with select print issues and comic shop coupons with the purchase of a digital comic. In 2012, Marvel Entertainment pioneered Infinite Comics, a new digital comics format developed to optimize the reading experience on mobile devices. With the announcement of Project Gamma, Marvel is the first major comics company to unify a truly adaptive audio experience with interactive digital comics reading.

This year, read – and HEAR – comics books like never before with Project Gamma, Marvel’s innovative, intuitive and immersive new adaptive audio experience!

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