Reminder Comic-Con Early Bird Rates Expire On March 11th

San Diego Comic Con '13

Just a reminder that Early Bird hotel rates end tomorrow, March 11th. Also, that’s the deadline for changing names or adding additional nights. If you’ve been going back and forth on booking something out in Mission Valley, you better make up your mind quick! Some of the hotels are offering extra perks like a percentage off a meal at their restaurant or deals on internet access.

Then on March 12th hotels are due to open again. I honestly have no idea what will be available. I know in emails we’ve been told that there will be no Downtown options. Everything is scheduled to open up at 9AM Pacific Time. You should know by now that means 12 Noon EST.

If you aren’t worried about the nightlife and want to be able to escape after the convention, Mission Valley is for you. I stayed there my first year and it was actually pretty nice to get away from everything at the end of the day. Remember that most of the hotels have a shuttle but if you have a rental car even better. We had a rental which was nice because we didn’t have to depend on the shuttle or wait around. We could leave whenever we wanted, which was important since we wanted to get to the convention center nice and early. Now that Comic-Con International offers the chance to prepay for parking, having a car is even easier. If you are staying in MV with a car, I highly recommend purchasing the parking when it becomes available. It’ll save you a ton of headaches!

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