Twitter and the Con – How Twitter will become your new BFF during #SDCC

San Diego Comic Con

You’re standing in line, waiting for that prized autograph/litho/once-in-a-lifetime moment when you strike up a conversation with the person next to you in line. You’re exchanging plans for the week, things you want to do and things you’ve already checked-out when they mention the most awesome sounding event, but you haven’t seen it listed on any website, schedule, or posted sign you came across all weekend.

“Where did you learn about that?!” you ask in amazement.


Yup, that’s right. Twitter is HUGE at Comic-Con, and not just in a humorous way. Everyone, from the artists in Artist Alley to the big-time studios like Warner Bros and Sony use Twitter to communicate to the masses. Some even have specific Twitter accounts JUST for Comic-Con.

So where do you start? First and foremost if you don’t have a Twitter account, BY GOD GET ONE. Even if you ONLY use it to follow during the Con and never tweet, it’ll come in handy.

Next and probably the most important thing is to check the hash tag (that’s the # symbol). For San Diego Comic Con is almost always #SDCC. All year long, this tag is active. You can also use it to follow all the happenings, find others at the Con and who to follow. I’d also recommend every so often to checking some key tags like #marvel, #dc, #sony, #CBS, #doctorwho – really the possibilities are endless.

Okay, so we talked about hash tags, now we can talk about following. To follow or not follow someone, that’s up to you. I won’t force anyone to follow someone else (that seems rather dictator-ish of me) but I’ll say this: If you are interested in something, follow the people connected to it.

That being said…you really must follow Comic-Con themselves (@Comic_Con). Just for the up to the minute information and on-goings. The most helpful things they tweet during the Con are the changes to the schedule or panel line-ups. And that’ll be the last person I say you MUST follow.


Now, there are hundreds, nay THOUSANDS of celebs on Twitter (and word to the wise, they’re usually verified accounts…don’t get suckered into following a fake) and you can be sure as Sure deodorant that if they’re at Comic-Con they’re tweeting about it. It’s always fun to see the Con from their perspective.

I remember two years ago when Hugh Jackman was bouncing around San Diego promoting his new movie Real Steel. He was tweeting locations and inviting people to meet him at various places around the Gaslamp District and giving out freebies. Pretty cool, right?

And celebs aren’t the only ones in on the act. CBS uses a specialized account just to tweet and re-tweet everything Comic-Con for the week, including pictures, updates and live tweet-casts of their panels.

NBC has also used Twitter to keep in constant contact with the fans. For the past few years, we’ve been a part of the NBC Party and our own Erin was also the Fan Ambassador tasked with live tweeting during the event!

Various companies, groups and/or organizations also use it to get a group of people together… a.k.a. a tweet-up. That’s how I first met Josh Gates and Erin Ryder, from Destination Truth. A fan club member organized a tweet-up outside the Pinkberry. I’m not even joking when I say Josh walked to the event and we all hung out in a doorway. It was awesome because it was small and really intimate.


Great, now I’ve given you ideas and you’re probably wondering, “Melinda, how the heck am I going to know if these people are tweeting if I don’t have access to a laptop/computer?” Well, I can tell you that too! You can download the Twitter app for your iPhone or Android, that’s a given. You can also go to an account’s page and change the settings to turn on moblie updates. That way, every time they tweet, you get a message. Remember though, I’m not responsible for you going over your limit in messages for your cell phone plan.

What else can Twitter do for you during the Con? It can connect you to like-minded people. Which may seem really redundant at this point, but it’s true. I remember the first Con I went to with Barb, we were at a party and it was just the two of us. WNA was new and we didn’t really know too many people besides our fellow writers who were not present. Barb decided to tweet. “Hey, I’m at this party, who else is here?” Soon we had people coming up to us! It was surreal, because we didn’t even know we had followers (heck, I wasn’t even officially part of the blog yet!) so we felt kind of famous. But it was awesome and it can totally apply to you! I did the same for Wizard World Chicago, where I was all alone for three days, and met some awesome people I may have walked by any other day. The power of Twitter!

I know this article is getting winded and I should probably wrap it up. Thank God I’m not set to the 140 characters allotted on Twitter here.

What I’m basically trying to convey is that if you want the absolute most up-to-the-second information regarding Comic Con and everything happening around it, get on Twitter. It’s the easiest way to stay on top of the ever changing Con atmosphere. It could also greatly improve your experience at Comic-Con.

Oh, and add us (@SDCCNerdsAttack) to the list of people you MUST follow…that makes two total.


  • I concur! While at the con Twitter is by far the best source of news and quick announcements that you could possibly have. Following a few accounts from websites devoted to con coverage (such as this fine site) is a solid move as well.

  • That was fantastic! I was never a big twitter user (still not so much), but I definitely could have used this article when I was learning my way around twitter right before the ‘con last year. I really appreciate the effort from you guys!

  • I would recommend if you have twitter for just everyday use to start a second account for just the event you’re going to. Don’t waste time and battery life scrolling through peoples tweets that aren’t at the con. The following the event is important, I found out last year while just hanging out at NerdHQ from the Nerd Machine twitter that tickets became available for the Doctor Who panel, I ran over to the ticket booth and got to see the panel.

  • Twitter Lists are your friend. I use the List section of Twitter to add just a few key people/accounts that I know give out great info during SDCC. You can add anyone to a List without having to actually Follow them. The biggest problem I encountered n 2012 was cell reception. It was terrible last year and I’m not sure if it will be better this year. And the WiFi was Meh.

  • I am one of about three people that do not have a smartphone. If I don’t have a smartphone and don’t see getting one for the Con, (having kids can put a limit on the fun electronic toys)what is another potential “cheap” way to utilize twitter? Can I use an iPod touch? or does it have to be iPad or better.

    I apologize for my non nerdy question. I’m more in the dork category.

    • Not a problem! I’m pretty iAnything illiterate (I use a Droid) myself, but I’ll attempt to help you out.

      That being said, I believe if it’s an iPod Touch with internet access for it than you should be able to download and have the Twitter app on the iPod. I did a quick internet search just to check it out…

      And don’t feel bad, my smartphone is about the only thing semi-up-to-date technology wise I own. I still had a VCR up to a few months ago…and I still do long division on paper.

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