You Didn’t Get A Hotel. Now What?

San Diego Comic Con '13

I feel horrible for those who didn’t get a hotel for Comic-Con. It just adds more stress onto an already stressful situation. You’ll probably find yourself over thinking everything. Did I spell something wrong? I entered all the right info, right? Hopefully someone else in your group managed to land something, but what if you’re shutout altogether?

You have a few options. It looks like the Early Bird Hotel Sale is still going on, but I expect those rooms to go quickly once the rejection emails start arriving. They aren’t Downtown but at this point, you just need a room. As we mentioned in a previous post, CCI will reopen Hotel Registration on March 12th but they’ve said that no Downtown hotels will be on that list. That’s not a surprise. Those are the first to go. Keep in mind that as the cancellation date gets closer, more rooms might open up then as well. I know some people out there have hotels but no badges. If those people don’t land any badges, again, more rooms will open up. You can always try booking directly with a hotel as well. Granted, it’s going to cost you more and the pickings will be slim. I would recommend trying to call instead of booking online.

If you’re brave, you can always try rooming with someone. Friends of CCI has a post going on right now where people can find a roommate or two. The reality is, you just need a place to shower, sleep a few hours and store your stuff. You probably won’t even see your roommate that often. If you’re going alone, you might be able to find someone who enjoys the same panels/events and end up finding an awesome new Con buddy. Just remember to be safe if you go this route. You can even use Twitter or Facebook to find someone to share a room with! Again, just be careful!

Finally, you can see if you can find a condo. I expect the prices will start to rise with those too but that’s what happens during Comic-Con. Again, if you’re up for sharing your space with a few strangers, you might be able to save some money and have a better chance of finding a condo that works for you and your group. Just be sure to use a legit website like or even a realtor. I wouldn’t trust Craigslist. Remember, if your gut is telling you something is wrong, something is probably wrong. If the only form of payment is a wire transfer, I would pass. You don’t want to be out a room and out even more money.

Again, I really do feel horrible for those who didn’t get anything. I know these words probably don’t mean much right now. In the end, I hope all of you who were shutout during the sale manage to find something one way or another.

If anyone knows of any hotels, hostels or other options that are available, feel free to leave them in the comments.


  • I booked at a hostel at–the ones closest to the convention center are all booked up, but if you’re in the “I just need a place to sleep!” panic mode right now, might be worth looking into some of the ones further away.

  • I have an extra room at the navy base there. It isn’t the actual lodge it is on the other side of the base. Rooms are 42 dollars a night with bed and bathroom. More like a dorm room. Trolley is about a 7 block walk from the hotel. Need military id in order to be able to get on and off the base. If that would help anyone I could see about transferring.

  • There are still hotels available on for the city of Chula Vista — which is a mere 11 minute Blue-Line Trolley ride away via Bayfront / E Street Trolley Station to the 12 and Imperial Trolley Station near the Convention center. The hotels at Chula Vista are under $200/night ($144 Days Inn San Diego – South Bay /$159 Highway Inn Chula Vista). And these establishments are a couple blocks away from the Bayfront / E Street Trolley Station. 🙂

    National City is closer to the Con — but the hotels are a bit farther to walk (8 blocks or more) to/from the trolley station. And cost a bit more: (Super 8 San Diego Area – National City – Naval Base – $174; Rodeway Inn National City – $172).

  • I stayed in National City last year. I got a huge suite at Holiday Inn. Sure I had to walk a mile back (buses don’t run late; you can catch the bus in the morning to the station) from the light rail, but the room was great and cheap. Nice bit of exercise after sitting in panels all day plus a lot of restaurants to stop in on your way back. I’d recommend it if you can’t get anything closer.

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