When Nerds Attack Turned Two Years Old!


I can’t believe I missed its┬ábirthday! It turns out that back in January, WNA turned two! I seriously can’t believe it. I feel like it was just yesterday that I started this little project up. Now I have three other people who write for the website, who all bring something special. I really couldn’t do this without them, or without you guys! Our readers and followers always come through when we’re looking for articles, questions or just ideas in general. We really do appreciate all of you. Let’s be honest, without “fans” there wouldn’t be a website.

All I ever wanted to do when I started this was help other people enjoy Comic-Con. I don’t consider myself an expert at all. I just know how hard it was to find information when I attended for the first time. I wanted to build a place where you could find everything you needed. Well, almost everything. I’m sure we could improve on certain fronts and hopefully with Comic-Con 2013, we’ll be able to do that. We have a few awesome ideas floating around and hopefully they’ll become reality.

Once again I want to just thank Mario, Melinda, Erin and Michael. You guys are a great time and I honestly couldn’t ask for a better crew. I should probably throw Erin 2.0 (What I lovingly call Mario’s girlfriend) into that mix as well. She’s submitted a few great articles too.

Of course I want to thank all of you as well. You might think it sounds like bullcrap, but it really does bring a smile to my face when someone tells me that an article we posted helped them plan their trip. I want to thank you for all your comments, tweets, emails and feedback.

Here’s hoping for many more years here at When Nerds Attack!


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