Can’t Make It To Emerald City Comicon? Watch It Online!


What’s this? No waiting in line for hours to enjoy a panel? You mean I can enjoy a panel right from my own couch? Yes! It’s true! Emerald City Comicon has teamed up with FlipOn.TV in order to stream panels during this weekends event. How awesome is that?! Here are the details:

Emerald City Comicon is the largest comic book and pop culture convention in the Pacific Northwest! The show runs March 1-3, and Emerald City is featuring three live streams free. Everyone can check out the streams for Hall B, The Spotlight Lounge, and the Rover Cam; just create a quick, FREE account with FlipOn (check out the top of the page) and you are good to go. Creating an account opens up the chat feature for each stream so you can connect with everyone watching.

If that just isn’t enough and you want to see everything Emerald City has to offer then you want to purchase the Event Pass. An Event Pass gives you access to the three free streams, plus all of our Celebrity Guests in the Main Hall and Hall A, plus our exclusive content in Hall C. You will also have access to all of the panels in our Archive – FOREVER. You buy the Pass the content is yours. Watch it now, watch it again a year from now, it is yours to access whenever you please. That is nearly 140 hours of content (plus we will be adding in video from our smaller panel rooms as well) at your fingertips.

Sit back, relax, FlipOn and chill out.

Now, it’s not free. It’s a one time fee of $14.95 and you need to set-up an account. I’m seriously considering doing this just to see how it goes. It’ll depend on my plans this weekend though.

What do you think? Should other Conventions look into this?

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