Hotel Madness! How Did It Go?

San Diego Comic Con '13

Let us know in the comments below how Hotel Day went for you! Did you nail it like a pro? Did the website take forever to load? Now that it’s all over, let us know your strategy! Use this post to share all your emotions about the big day, just try to keep language SFW please!

Now that emails are starting to go out, let us know how you did! #1 Hotel? Nothing on your list?


  • I was done in 2 minutes as well! We’ll see, though! This is actually the first year that I’ve entered the lottery. In past years, I had other arrangements. But no problems with loading or anything!

  • Went pretty well. The loading issues present in the badge sales weren’t present today. I got my order off in roughly 50 seconds, which was longer than I would have liked but hopefully still sufficient to get a quality hotel.

  • Well I entered my choices in 2:minutes and 40 secs

    and My list was
    Hilton San Diego Gaslamp Quarter
    Hotel Solamar
    Omni San Diego Hotel
    Residence Inn Gaslamp Quarter
    San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter
    San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina

    and I got Hyatt Manchester because I checked book any hotel downtown if my choices were not available

  • I had the Marriott Marquis & Marina at #1 and was lucky enough to get it. The hotel website has worked flawlessly for me. Never any trouble accessing it. Registration seems to be where you can get locked out of a site. I’m pretty much assuming finger speed is the reason I got that hotel.

  • Got my hotel confirmation a few hours ago. While I did not get any of my top 6 choices. I was lucky enough to still get a downtown hotel (The WESTIN San Diego), thanks to the check mark option on the request form.

    In regards to the application process, I thought I finished my request quickly within the first five minutes, but I am no idea where my request actually landed. I am just curious if people with larger parties got processed first than someone traveling alone like myself or if its indeed first come first serve.

    Still, happy with the overall process.

  • Submitted at 9:02 am and got my 1st choice, Residence Inn Gaslamp Quarter. Seems like I got lucky considering frootloop311 was 1 minute later.

  • Our choices were:
    1. Hard Rock.
    2. OMNI

    I got my form submitted in two and a half minutes. Got the fifth choice. One in our party got it in before me and was shut out. Thankfully the two other people in our party got our first choice.

  • I was in and out in about 2 minutes, had the Mariott Marquis Marina as my first pick and somehow, got it. This is my 3rd year going to the show and my first year trying for downtown hotels. Worked pretty flawlessly. My gf, was right next to me, took about another minute in a half to 2 minutes and didn’t get anything on her list. Selected ‘Any hotel on the shuttle route’ so we would be guaranteed to get something and she got the ‘Doubletree Downtown.’ All-in-all, unbelievable!

  • My husband and I both listed the following hotels, although in varying order:

    The Sofia Hotel
    Hilton Gaslamp
    Horton Grand Hotel
    San Diego Marriott Gaslamp

    We both selected a downtown hotel, and a higher room price at our selections, if needed.

    I submitted in less than 2 minutes, and got The Sofia. He submitted in less than four minutes and got nothing – not even wait listed. We’re staying Wed-Sunday, and just needed one room, so I don’t know how much of that plays into it.

    I wonder what they plan to do with all the downtown rooms that will be released, since the rejection emails say no more downtown hotels will be available for the next round….

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