Comic-Con Hotel Registration Is Closed

San Diego Comic Con '13

That’s right. San Diego Comic-Con hotel registration has closed.


It’ll reopen on March 12th, 9AM PT. It sounds like for the most part everything went smooth today. Of course that’ll all change once people start getting their emails. As far as the March 12th date, it makes sense. Everyone is supposed to hear about their picks by March 1st. You then have 72 hours to make your deposit and officially book your hotel. By then groups who submitted a few entries will start releasing hotels back to CCI and then hopefully those who weren’t able to land anything this time around will have better luck on the 12th. I know, you don’t want to think about getting that dreaded email that says you didn’t get a reservation but don’t let that freak you out. Remember, there are groups of people who are all staying together all submitting hotel requests. As I mentioned above, those people will end up picking one place and those other choices will be released and then hopefully included in that March 12th sale. Will any of them be Downtown? I honestly don’t know and I’d be really surprised if they were.

Once again, we here at WNA hope everything went well for you and that you end up with the hotel of your Comic-Con dreams!

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