So You Want To Talk Comic-Con?

San Diego Comic Con

Twitter is of course a great place to get information but sometimes you need something a little more solid and organized. That’s where a forum comes into play. I remember back in the day I was hitting up random forums and message boards like it was my job, but something happened and I just faded away. When it comes to San Diego Comic-Con though, a forum can be a great place to get tips, hotel reviews and even just bounce ideas around. Here are two forums you should check out if you’re planning on attending Comic-Con!

Friends Of CCI
It’s a pretty active forum, especially now that the ball has started rolling. You’ll find discussions about cosplay, hotels, panels, exclusives and much more. Everyone there is very helpful. They even have a thread where you can find someone to share a hotel with! You might even recognize a poster or two.

The Nerd Machine Community
Another great place to share and find information, especially if NerdHQ is your thing. Right now the Comic-Con thread is a little empty but I expect that to change soon. If you’re waiting on pins and needles for NerdHQ information, you’ll probably want to check this place on a regular basis. If you’re a fan of “Chuck” you’ll probably feel at home here. I believe last year they even organized a day trip up to L.A.!

I know joining a new online group can be a little odd. Do you introduce yourself? Do you just jump right in? I say just go for it! We’re all there for the same thing, to find and share information about an event we enjoy. Just remember, don’t be a dick!

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