Toy Fair 2013: Breakfast with LEGO

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Starting off Toy Fair bright and early last week, we were fortunate to receive an invite from LEGO to their annual Collector’s Preview Event & breakfast. Venturing through a post-Nemo snow storm, we were instructed to arrive at the Javits Center at approximately 7am so we may be lead through the showroom floor directly into LEGO’s booth hours before the show officially opened for business.

LEGO’s showroom did not disappoint! After we were allowed to partake in complimentary breakfast featuring coffee, juices, bagels, and an assortment of muffins, we were encouraged to wander about the booth and get a really good look at all of their offerings for 2013. There were a number of restricted items that we could not photograph, such as the Duplo Planes figures, and the DC and Marvel Superheroes lines, but what was available for pictures more than makes up for those items.

First up was the Duplo section. They had a series of kid-friendly playsets but what stood out for me was the Little Mermaid sets, particularly the one featuring Eric and Ariel in the rowboat. As a child of the 90’s I can shamelessly admit that the cuteness factor was off the charts on that one.

Making a big splash at the showcase was the Legends of Chima line. The animal warriors were beautifully crafted and the license had an array of items such as card games featuring racing minifig Speedorz, vehicles, playsets, and ultrabuild action figures of the characters.

We also got to see the debut of the Lone Ranger series, with old west buildings and even a railroad set!

The world of Tolkien was well represented with sets from both Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films.

Star Wars will see new releases such as a clone drop ship and a Rancor pit.

Best in booth for me goes to the City line, I was particularly impressed by the firefighter sets. The plastic flames that attach to the burning home looked amazing, and the burning recycling bin made me laugh for some reason.

While we couldn’t photograph them, we did get to see the Marvel and DC releases. There is a series of sets based on the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, and the Man of Steel had an absolutely gorgeous but spoiler filled playset. Also shows was the Bane and Batman set complete with camo tumbler and The Bat ship, which is out in stores now.

When it was time to exit the event the 150 lucky invitees were given a gift bag that features their 2013 look book and a carded Darth Vader minifig promoting the upcoming home video release of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out cartoon, but the piece of the year has to be the cubed Yoda in NYC figure.

Perched at the corner of 42nd and Broadway, Yoda is clutching a newspaper teasing more info to be released in March regarding the Yoda Chronicles cartoon that is currently in production. A cheeky item, the billboards play on popular Broadway shows to make them LEGO-ized, such as Wicked being called Bricked, and Cats being called Bricks.

Here is a gallery filled with everything we were allowed to photograph. These images are credited to Erin Kowalsky.

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