NerdHQ Will Be Back During San Diego Comic-Con

NerdHQ, San Diego Comic Con '13

I don’t think anyone doubted it but here are a few tweets from the man himself with a few NerdHQ details:

If you haven’t been to NerdHQ before, it’s awesome. They offer some great panels that support charity and are much more intimate than the panels held at Comic-Con. Plus in the past they’ve had parties, video games set up and much more. I can’t wait to see what NerdHQ 2013 brings. If you want to keep up to date on it be sure to check out TheNerdMachine. If you have questions about NerdHQ, be sure to check out their forums!


  • Yeah, it may be more worthwhile to people who didn’t get Con badges. There is simply too much going on and you really have to pick and choose, esp. if you already paid hundreds to be at Con.

    • We attended a Psych panel at NerdHQ one year. It was totally worth it. We had an assigned seat and didn’t waste all day in line or in BR20. It can be a nice option if it works with your schedule! 😀

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