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DC Collectibles is a company known for bringing it’s in-house services directly from the comic books to the customer and this year they are primed to make their fans very happy.

Starting things off on a more innocent product, DCC is continuing on the popular Aardman style figures based on the characters shown on Cartoon Network’s DC Nation Animation block with a two-pack featuring Batman and Robin will be hitting shelves soon. The Batman shown in the photos is the same as the 2012 NYCC exclusive solo figure but I was assured that the figure will feature a different color scheme portraying one of Batman’s many other styles. There is also a five pack planned with Superman, Catwoman, and The Joker joining the dynamic duo. This is currently the only planned release of the Joker and Catwoman style figures.

DC Collectibles was proud to announce the re-release of the classic Hush Batman figure series that saw their way into comic shops almost a decade ago. The figures are a direct reproduction made from the original molds but will feature slight variations in the art deco.

Action figures based on the hit video game Arkham City will continue in 2013 and are being made to meet fan demand. DC Collectibles is also releasing it’s heaviest figure ever in the form of Solomon Grundy. The Grundy figure is very large and heavy, much like the character himself, and features a removable chest piece and heart!

Also seeing release from the Arkham City franchise is a line of statues based off of the stunning black and white advertising campaign prior to the game’s launch. Three statures were shown; Nightwing, Joker, and Harley Quinn. Each statue featured a dynamic pose with a very bright splash a single color that draws the eye to it.

Following the release of the Superman vs Batman statue, we will also see a very large and very appealing Batman riding a horse as seen in The Dark Knight Rises. Sculpted by the talented Phil Ramirez, this item has won my personal “Best in Show” for the entire Toy Fair.

Also shown was the Arrow 1:6 scale statue based on the CW series (which was recently picked up for a second season). The statue was shown at the DC Collectibles panel during the 2012 New York Comic Con and underwent a slight change in that it no longer includes a swappable head featuring the green eye make-up and the hood down.

Making it’s debut was a new Before Watchmen statue of Ozymandias based on Jae Lee’s artwork. The statue uses the cape as a balancing point to make Ozymandias appear as if he is rightfully floating above us common humans.

DC Collectibles is re-releasing the Sandman/Death bookends for fans who may have missed it on the first release.

The Batman Black and White statue series continues to wow fans as a new wave has been announced. The line has already released over 50 statues since the its inception and it shows no sign of slowing down whatsoever. An appeal of the statues is that it is less of Batman posing and more of an artistic study of how iconic comic artists perceive the Dark Knight, and with the drastically different variations that have been produced over the years it is undeniable that there is no shortage of creators that DCC would love to feature.

Taking a queue from the resurrection of the Post-War 40’s and 50’s style in pop culture, DCC is launching a new series of female driven statues dubbed Bombshells. The line is heavily influenced by the ladies drawn onto propaganda posters and bomber jets. The three revealed so far were a wonder a woman, ashore girl, and Poison Ivy but all properties are open so there is a possibility of a classic Sally Jupiter statue if the demand is there.

Continuing with statues featuring DC’s Leading Ladies, we were also introduced to a few pieces designed by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau. A highlight of this series is the Metal Men’s very own Platinum, and just in time for an upcoming story pushing the robots back into the spotlight.

The only props that were shown was a series of 1:1 Lantern Batteries. Releasing somewhat quarterly, 2013 will see Green, Yellow, Orange, and Blue. These batteries are different than the previous releases in that they are comprised of resin with a matte paint finish to keep the prices down. But just like the prior releases, they also feature a magnetically activated light when someone attempts to charge their rings!

DC Collectibles will put out its first non-convention exclusive 3 3/4 figures this year with a number of Injustice two-packs based on the upcoming combat game. The figures are very detailed and feature a lot of articulation. Right now there are four waves of two two-packs planned but we may see more figures of characters announced as we approach Comic-Con. One cool component that was highlighted was the “Battle in a Box” feature in which the box that the toys are packaged in develops into a small background from one of the game’s battle arenas that you may display as a diorama. Given this scale of the figures there is also the possibility of props and a proper display base but no official plans have been made available at the time of this writing.

Speaking of Injustice, this was not displayed at Toy Fair but the game’s Collector’s Edition features a spectacular statue created by DC Collectibles of Batman and Wonder Woman engaged in warfare.

Moving up in scale a bit to the very popular six Inch line, DC Collectibles is proud to announce a re-release of the We can Be Heroes seven figure Justice League box set. While a monetary figure of how much has been donated was not available, the sales of the set has “exceeded expectations”.

Continuing on the box set theme, a Heroes and Villains set was shown featuring Black Manta, Captain Cold, The Joker, Aquaman, The Flash, Batman, and an exclusive to the pack Catwoman. The Batman, Aquaman, and Flash figures appear to be the same as the Justice League versions but we were told that the deco will differ just a bit so the figures aren’t a direct re-release.

A few new single figures will also find their way to the stores, such as The Joker, Black Manta, Captain Cold, Black Adam, Green Lantern Simon Baz, and Martian Manhunter. There is a deluxe figure coming in the form of Swamp Thing in his beefed-up look as recently seen in the Rotworld storyline. Swamp Thing is massive compared to other figures his scale and totes an impressive 15 inch wingspan.

Another interesting single figure being released will be the mysterious Pandora. What makes her unique is that she will be packaged within a 1:1 scale version of the very skull box that she carries around in the comics! This bonus item is expected to be big in the cosplay community as the character continues to develop and see more panel time over the next few months as the Trinity War looms over the DC Universe.

It is no coincidence that I had mentioned Trinity, what with the next item shown was a Trinity box set featuring Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. There will be a new deco on both Superman and Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman will also see a release with Katana in the first of two Justice League/Justice League of America two-packs. The other two-pack announced so far is The Flash and Vibe. I was told that there is a specific story driven reason that these characters were packaged together, and that reason will come to light in the upcoming DC Comics.

The final section of the tour boasted an array of Superman items. With the Man of Steel film hitting theaters in a few months DC Collectibles is going all out! The first section is a series of statues showing Krypton’s last son in a variety of poses based off of the selected artist’s signature design, similar to the Batman Black and White statue line. All of the statues will feature a vibrant metallic color scheme.

Taken directly from the film’s design was a series of 1:6 scale Man of Steel statues. The statues featured a new paint application giving the scan texture a more realistic matte look as well as gloss around the eyes. The sculpts used were taken from scans of the actors to achieve the highest form of accuracy. While the statues were static in their movement, the cloth capes are fully articulate with the help of wires hidden within the fabric, giving you the ability to give them dramatic poses. The amount of texture in each figure’s costume is impeccable and really is something that needs to be seen with the naked eye. As an added flair, each statue’s base is the family crest for the Houses of El and Zod.

There was a smaller diorama statue shown of Superman next to a busted bank vault as seen in a movie poster. There is a possibility we may see more scenes from the movie depicted in this 1:12 scale form.

Unfortunately when I arrived to the booth their Superman & Wonder Woman embrace statue had to be taken away due to a minor cosmetic mishap so I could not see it in person, but I was provided with an image to use.

After the tour of the booth, given to me personally by the personable Kevin Kiniry, Vice President of Creative Services, I was able to ask a few questions on topics that were not covered on the tour.

DC Collectibles has made a series of props based on actual items within the comic universe and one such item that fans have made rumbles over was a framed Joker face as seen periodically in the GCPD evidence locker during the first year of the New 52. This is something that has actually been considered by the DCC team, and while they are aware of the cool factor that such an item would have they are concerned about the goriness that it would require since they are trying to move away from the violence aspect of the comics.

When asked about the chance of Before Watchmen figures, especially a series of Darwyn Cooke designed Minutemen, I was told that they are keeping an eye on the Watchmen figures currently in production from Mattel and if they are successful then this is something DC Collectibles could consider.

Another questions lots of fans have been asking is the fate of the 3 3/4 inch Green Lantern figures. After two convention exclusive two-packs in 2012 and a whopper of a teaser in a Power Battery playset displaying prototype figures engaged in battle, little if anything has been heard as to the fate of this series. It was teased that additional two-packs might see release as convention exclusives, and that the Power Battery playset could also see life somewhere down the line.

On the topic of convention exclusives, we were also told that the sales partnership with Graphitti Designs would continue and they are working out a way to make the process for fans acquiring exclusives a bit more accessible.

A few exclusives were teased as well, for example something from one of the first items in the booth that was covered in this article will appear as an exclusive at C2E2. As for SDCC, there is an exclusive planned that will be directed at the female demographic, and also an item that is “unexpected but fan demanded”. While we were not flat out told what that exclusive would be, that last item teased is something that was loosly described as something fans have been asking for but it is also something that many believed would not actually be made. Sounds pretty intriguing, huh?

The final topic was on the We Can All Be Heroes, specifically the Darkness and Light art exhibit that has been touring the country. It was confirmed that the exhibit will make a return to San Diego during Comic-Con, and while a coffee table book containing the pieces is not currently planned for production it is something that might be considered somewhere down the line.

Stay tuned to @SDCCNerdsAttack on twitter for more info on how you could win a Jim Lee designed New 52 Justice League Superman figure from DC Collectibles!

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