Toy Fair 2013: Funko Blasts Both Barrels Onto Consumers!

Toys & Collectibles

At the 2013 New York Toy Fair fan favorite manufacturer Funko unleashes a full assortment of awesome onto fans everywhere is an onslaught of goodness!

They have everything! I mean it! let me list a few properties off the top of my head.

– Adventure Time
– Iron Man 3
– Walking Dead
– Big Bang Theory
– Game of Thrones
– DC Comics
– Marvel Comics
– My Little Pony
– Elf
– Modern Horror Movie Monsters

The list goes on and on! There is literally too much to list here so we’ll let the pictures do the talking. Be┬ásure to drop a message in the comments on what you are looking forward to.

Some photos are credited to Erin Kowalsky.

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