Toy Fair 2013: Down The Rabbit Hole With Disney Infinity


Disney Infinity 3

Have you ever dreamed about cruising through The Grid from Tron as Sully from Monsters University on top of Elephant Abu from Aladdin, while also wearing Buzz Lightyear’s rocket pack?

Well dream no more! During this week’s New York Toy Fair Disney Interactive held a special hands on demo of their highly anticipated June release, Disney Infinity. Launching this June for all major gaming platforms, Disney Infinity is a fun and very interactive escape into the world of Walt Disney, allowing you to play as your favorite characters from Monsters University, Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean, and many more films to come!

Disney Infinity 8

Our presenter demonstrated the ease of creating a fun, interactive world entirely of your design while simultaneously displaying the game’s easy of adding disc functions used add bonuses and powers to your character.

One new aspect revealed during the event highlighted a particular point in story mode where fans are encouraged to purchase as many of the figures as they can to fully experience all that the game has to offer. There are special missions that players can go on if they have specific characters from the corresponding movie, such as a Monsters University themed quest where the presenter’s Sully had to venture onto a rival campus and scare a certain number of their football players. Like a majority of modern video games this too will see multiplayer, with two players able to play split-screen, and four able to link up via gaming services such as Xbox Live.

Adding a more personal touch to the game, players can add up to two powers discs which are stackable underneath their character figurine for an array of special powers from various Disney properties as well as power-up bonuses. There are also environmental discs that allow you to upload various themes into your personal Toy Box, changing the way  buildings and terrain look to match the worlds from fan favorite films such as Tron and The Nightmare Before Christmas. These discs will be available for purchase in the starter and expansion packs, but if you desire to purchase them individually they will be made available in foil sealed two-packs for $5.


Disney Infinity is currently set to release for the Wii U, Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS, and PC platforms in June of this year.

As a thank you for a very successful year we have had at When Nerds Attack we will give away to one reader a special prize pack featuring a Disney Infinity t-shirt and a playable Mike figurine (as seen below). Pay attention to our twitter feed for more details on how you could win!


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