Pre-Order UbiWorkshop’s Two New Assassin’s Creed Hoodies

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Since today is Valentine’s Day why don’t you show the Master Assassin in your life some love in the form of new Assassin’s Creed apparel from UbiWorkshop?

First up is a zip-up based on Aveline, the heroine of the PSVita exclusive Assassin’s Creed: Librrty Files.


The design is based on the Aveline de Grandpré story. Aveline de Grandpré (1747 – Unknow) was born in New Orleans to Philippe Olivier de Gradpré, a French merchant, and Jeanne, an African slave. When she was twelve years old, Aveline took it upon herself to rescue a slave, but was caught by the sailors employed by the slave’s owner. Agaté, an Assassin fron Saint-Domingue, intervened, rescuing Aveline and helping her free the man.

Believing that her commitment to freedom and justice was beyond compare, Agaté recruited Aveline into the Assassin Brotherhood in 1759. From then on, using her charm, cunning, and combat skills – as well as her eagle sense-Aveline sought to help people in need, and devoted her life to rid Louisiana of the Templars.

Buy yours now for $50 here.

Second is a hoodie featuring a great design of Connor dashing through a snowy forest in back and a subtle assassin crest on the front.


Buy this item now, also for $50.

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