GEEK Magazine Now Available For Mail Subscription!

Geek Fun

I’m sure you’ve seen GEEK Magazine staring at you from the rack in your local book store. You’ve probably thought to yourself “Self, I’d really love if I could get this in the mail.” Well, guess what? Your wish has been granted! GEEK Magazine is now available via subscription! If you order now, the first issue you’ll receive will be Issue #6. How much you ask? A 1 year/6-issue bi-monthly U.S. subscription is $24.95. Canadian subscriptions are $30.95 and international subscriptions are $36.95. You can save more if you order a 2 year which is $44.95 (U.S.). I plan on signing up next time I get paid. I think it’s safe to save with all the Marvel movies coming out soon, you might see an awesome cover or two. Once “Justice League” finds it’s footing I’m sure that’ll be hitting the stands as well. A sample of some past cover stories include “The Walking Dead,” “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and Nathan Fillion. If you’re interested in ordering past issues go here!

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