2013 New York Toy Fair Photo Parade!

Toys & Collectibles

This year we went to the NY Toy Fair and had several LOOOONNNGGGG days filled with checking out amazing products and (literally) dashing from one end of Manhattan to another looking at displays held within the Javits Center as well as at a few off-site locations.

A little disclosure to all of our readers; In my excitement for the event I have both left my camera cord in my home on my way to NYC and my MacBook’s power cable at a friend’s house on the way back home


Moving on though! With over 1,000 photos taken over the weekend, here are a number of randomly chosen photos teasing what we will show you over the next few days! Also, stay tuned for more information on a series of giveaways we plan on having over the next week or so featuring a lot of cool and exclusive items that were given away to a select number of individuals at Toy Fair!

Some of the photos taken during the duration of the event are credited to Erin Kowalsky.

Lego Duplo Little Mermaid Power Rangers Clifford Tonner Warm Bodies Mezco Breaking Bad Funko Pop Elf Hangover Mattel Castle greyskull Mattel 60's Batman Dolls Playarts Ninja Turtles Ooze Disney Interactive Monsters University NECA Heroclix DC McFarlane HALO Statue McFarlane Walking Dead Carl Diamond Select Tiys Lenore DC Collectibles Joker & Black Manta

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